Kp Message 9-21-13… One Moment at a Time…


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130304_new_hair_guy_P1000378_crop_240_14So I’m reading a few things around the internet, and lots of them are about this period of time, let’s say 9-19 to 9-22, and then there’s the ones that say 9-21 is the equinox (although my link says it’s 9-22-13 at 2044 UTC, which, even in Hawaii is still 10:44 AM, still on 9-22…).

Then there’s one article that says 9-21 is a special day, and it’s a nine month extension of the 12-21-12 Ascension date, and all this and all that. And by the way, I loved reading that article, and have no issues with it at all.

My deal is, after going out and returning back from multiple missions on multiple days in multiple locations around this planet and particularly, the last three months, Turtle Island, I’m not paying attention to any dates. None. At all. Period.

Honestly, after the multiple excursions into…

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