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abundanceportalpleiadesAs the universal energy of the spherical ball of fire is spanned in the direction of your sun, so too does the supporting angle of the thirty seventh parallel unfold on your planet earth at moment’s notice. The thirty seventh parallel of your hours on the planet earth is the parallel of self discovery and innovative ideas, the thirty seventh parallel is the gate to fruition  abundance and inner knowledge.

The 37th parallel can be accessed physically by traveling to a spot on earth that sits above this energy meridian of your planet. It can be accessed by the crystalline grid laid out on your earthly map with the crystal gems tones of Aventurine, Goethite, Himalayan crystal and Blue Agate, in a formation of the triangular sphere of life.

And so, according to he equinox of your times. If you desire to set in motion a magical trail…

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The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening, September 21-22, 2013

And here we go…an explanation as to why we have been feeling the way we have lately. Again, for me, SYNCHRONICITY!

2012: What's the 'real' truth?


Saturday: Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, illumination, realization

Moon: Aries/Taurus

Sunday: Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, teaching, communication

Moon: Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya:  Shodashi (with Matangi)

This photograph of the Harvest Moon last night haunted wise owl and Oracle Report Facebook member Kevin.  It kept him from sleeping until he finally figured out how to capture it.  Thank you, Kevin.  We appreciate the loss of sleep in order to bring this to us.  It is spectacular!

“Spectacular” definitely describes what is happening at this point in time.  Simultanouesly, the highest desire of the collective of humanity and the highest desires of every individual in the collective are being granted.  Our highest collective desire is the release of our minds from a cage of fear (the root cause of self-loathing, violence, and unimagined potential  – all imposed from outside ourselves).

Our highest individual desire is the fullest expression of our true selves – our characteristics, likes, dislikes, and aptitudes. …

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I’m Back!


These last 6 months have been busy and keeping my attention in other areas. Our employment situation had changed in the middle of April when we lost both out beloved homeowners and, consequently, lost our job as caretakers. However, the Universe was watching over us and gifting us with the means to move to New Mexico where SanJAska had told me I was needed. So mid-June, we arrived here in Blanco, in the Farmington area. (she was specific) 

We got down to the business of finding work, but now with my job, I haven’t had the time or the energy for my blog. However, I have been seeing many synchronicities in my life here and understand why I was led here. I will be given a NEW purpose for my BEING, one which I have sensed for the last few years but never had the opportunity to fully explore. More on this later.

I, like many of you, have been having trouble staying grounded in this New Energy bombarding us. I feel I’m living in two dimensions but having to function in the lower, which can be rather uncomfortable. Moments of multi-dimensionality can be dangerous when operating a vehicle. 


I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR STAYING WITH MY BLOG – even though I haven’t been here.



Time to Meet the Neighbors

 19 September 2013 – 10:52pm |  opalescentwords

Greetings to you, lightworkers and dark lovers of Earth! I am of a group of high-tensegrity beings of a dimension of light who go by the name of Theo. Theo is the vibration of my name, and I speak for the group, so this is how I introduce us to you. You have our love and our light in your hearts if you are of the golden rays of the sun of Sol and Alcyone, and this describes a great many of you on the planet trying to get through the present time of acceleration in one piece. We are speaking to you now as beings to whom you are related, through the common humanity of Lyra, and of whom you will learn more in the days ahead. We have been to the planet in the ages of heroes and saints, and we will come again in the near future to regenerate the vibration of remembrance among those of you who wish to remain on the new Earth of long inception and creation. Let us ramble a bit about those things, and we shall see where we end up!

New Earth is forming now. It is taking form beneath the layer of illusion that slowly, methodically, and steadily is breaking away. New Earth will come into full form when the vestiges of old Earth in the now of time dies completely. Some people have choices to make regarding where they will be investing their energies, yet the option for migrating to the New Earth is one that remains open to all until the final act of event-mode is complete. At that point, there will be a distinction between old Earth and New Earth, and those of either dimension will be unable to interact with the other. It is something many of you are sensing, at this point, but it is also something that is inevitably terraforming within you as a people, whether you can define the sensations of change or not. When the dimensional transitionary division between the old and new is complete, so will you be as a people, at home in the spiritual garden of sun-drenched is-ness that you will instantly know as home. It is not for everyone, mid you, but it is for a great many who now live in the last days of the planet as it now is.
Something we have let understanding take in until now is that there will be some kind of support for Earth’s population in the challenging days that are upon you. We are aware of every nuance of the problems in their multiplicity that you have been adjusting to learning and facing your fears about. They are real and they are understandably scary, especially if you are without any kind of support other than that which you have been accustomed to, and that is something else that is disappearing. We are on the next wave set to break upon the shore of your world, as soon as the dials are synchronized for starting. It won’t be much of a secret for long, dear friends! We have given a tip of the hat to you now, as our world and yours are about to become a new one altogether. In the meantime, know that we are prepared to help with new insights, new technological mainframes, and new enfoldments of understanding how to rebound from the trauma that you are now enduring to whatever extent you perceive it. When the final longitudinal axis is apart from its moorings in the matrix of time, your world will finally begin counting itself in the temporality of a new age of galactic truth and entirely new-to-you ways of being. It is our great honor to be bringing the greeting to you personally in that time, and to offer our hand in friendship and camaraderie, and to say that we are here for your world’s entry into the environment of energies and time travel, of free living and responsible loving and open learning of who we are and where you have really been all this time, of your true heritage as galactic humans and interstellar travelers. We are looking toward the time that we can reveal all the stories and truths and libraries to you and bring you up to date on what’s been happening in the stellar neighborhood that holds your planet in security and love.
Every one of you has the right to decide for him- or herself what the future of Earth could be. We are not here to detract from that universal movement of your global population in any way; in fact, we are most interested in watching from where we are in the knowledge that you are integrating yourselves into a new humanity, knowing that the world is going through the changes of light-impulsed alchemical transformation, and that everything in the entirety of what is is, in truth, on track for the greatest transition into light-coding ever witnessed by human eyes. We are here to be of assistance, to be of silence for now, and to be in the front lines of intergalactic community-building in the near future. We love every one of you as friends and family, and we will be in the thick of mind-released understanding as you find yourselves suddenly free from oppression and trauma-based control mechanisms. We know what you’re dealing with, even if you don’t know the full scope of it. Many of you have an idea, and many of you have already released yourselves from the worst of it. We will be happy to help you come into sensory harmonization with a new world when the time comes. Until then, know that we have the highest respect for you, and will speak with you again of greater things to come. We leave you now in peace, and with the love of our common humanity and the light of the highest source of love within our hearts and yours. We are Theo, and we bid you toein te, the peace of universal harmony.

by Maryann Rada
posted on Changing Address, http://changingaddress.wordpress.com



The Way of Love Blog




MAY 7, 2013


Dratzo! We return! We come today to speak about the changes that are required to manifest your new reality. There are signs everywhere that a new consciousness is dawning upon your world. Organizations dedicated to change are learning about each other and about ways to create international social networks to bring about such change. One area among many of these diverse changes is the redefining of the concept of money as a mechanism of exchange; e.g. the rules of micro banking and microcredit in the developing world, and the organic spread of small-scale businesses and ‘village banking’ in these countries. These social and cultural networks provide the trestle, so to speak, that will support all that is to happen at the highest levels of commerce and banking. Long ago, when the Age of Discovery began in the…

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The Arcturians – 5/5/2013

MAY 5, 2013

Greetings dear ones.  We come today to tell you of the many changes we see happening in your world.  Light energy is increasing each day which in turn is exposing much that has been kept hidden for years.  Do not despair if you do not see these changes yourselves because your news is not reporting to you that which we see.  What we see has to do with energy–souls awakening  and   planetary consciousness lifting to new and higher levels. This in turn is allowing people to see where and how they are being used and lied to by those that would keep the world in the old ways for  personal profit.  This is how change happens.
Evolution manifests in the small events of daily life–a smile to or from a stranger, comfort to someone suffering loss, or  the  recognition of another’s true identity even if they are unaware of it.  Learn to live in compassion dear ones, not in sympathy for in sympathy you align yourself with the lower energies that the other is suffering from.  This is an  important point for those of  you who work with people in some capacity.   
Be not afraid  for you are doing the work.  Try very hard  not hold concepts of how your world should appear, for concepts are  simply three dimensional mind formed ideas reflecting an individual’s belief system.  Try not to force things into how you think they should be, but allow them to unfold while standing back in truth as an observer knowing that all is proceeding according to plan for yourselves and for the world.  Learn to trust dear ones, for once you have decided to spiritually grow, you are being guided.
The Arcturian Group wishes to talk about Oneness.  You may say, we always talk about Oneness but we reply that we must emphasize the truth of Oneness because it is the basic truth upon which  all change will take place.  Until  mankind can understand that there is only One (one mind, one life, one intelligence, one reality) manifesting Itself in infinite form and variety, there will always be that sense of separation holding man in bondage to the false sense of duality and separation.  
You see,  all are in and of the One for it is all there is.  With this awareness there would be no wars, no thievery, no murders, no anger or lower resonating emotions all of which arise from a belief in separation. When mankind realizes that there is only One, he will see that  all have the same opportunity to experience the gifts embodied within that that One.  No one has been  given more than another for there is only the One.  It the individual state of consciousness that determines how much of that One will manifest.  Journeys through lifetimes–some easy and many difficult were carefully chosen by every soul as necessary experiences leading to this awareness of ONE and you are ready for this awareness now.
Everything is connected within the One–the crystal/mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the devic/elemental/nature spirit kingdom, and all human  as well as galactic beings. There is only ONE and it is continually manifesting itself and cannot be separated from its own qualities which is why these qualities are held in place and governed infinitely by spiritual law.  These unchanging and permanent qualities of  intelligence, wisdom, abundance, wholeness, completeness etc etc. and are yours by virtue of your Divine sonship but  only manifest according to the conditioning of your state of consciousness.
If you fully believe you are separate from all other living things, then the Divine idea of Oneness will manifest in your experience as relationships that reflect this.  The ONE never changes, but  any false belief held in consciousness will manifest outwardly.  Examine your experiences dear ones, for they will guide you to what you  still hold within your consciousness.
The job of the evolutionary process is to  move every soul into an awareness of the truth of ONE.  Truth  appears when an individual is ready  simply as a new idea that seems to resonate.  The awakening soul ponders and thinks upon this new idea and begins to practice it in daily life. Gradually the truth  integrates and become the individual’s state of consciousness.  Evolution is an unfolding process dear ones, one  cannot say; “I got it!” and then expect everything to suddenly change.   It is not a matter of intellectual knowledge, it is the actual integration of these truths until they become YOU.  That is why many refer to old souls (evolved through many lifetimes) versus new souls (just beginning to learn).
Over lifetimes of living in duality and separation, you have accumulated  lower resonating energies which have been stored within your physical, emotional,and mental bodies.  These need to be cleared for they cannot go with you into the higher dimensional energies that you  moving in to. This is what you are doing now–releasing these old and toxic energies carried in ignorance from lifetime to lifetime and which have held you in bondage to many of the issues you deal with  in daily life.  
As these clearings take place unpleasantness may surface and you may think you are going backwards in your spiritual progress.  No dear ones, it is just the opposite, you have reached that place in your journey where you are now evolved  enough to let go of that which is old and finished.  You are releasing all that you have dragged with you from lifetime to lifetime when you did not have enough awareness to understand that these old and dense energies were holding you back.  You have come to the place of finally being ready to do this difficult work, and you are doing it beautifully so do not to see the painful issues of your lives as some sort of failure but as signs that you are graduating.  Be aware that some clearing is taking place in the dream state so if you have troubling dreams know that you are most likely releasing the energy of some past life experience.  
It is important that you let go of all concepts of how clearing, evolution, or ascension should look–for yourselves or for the world.  Release any and  all concepts or comparison of your journey versus another’s’  for all have had different lifetimes with varying experiences leading to whatever personal  issues need to be  looked at,released,  and moved beyond.
It is time to let go of your concepts  dear ones, for concepts hold you in bondage to a belief system that is more often than not false . 
Rest in your realization of One.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                              5/5/13