Transformation into Crystalline Light


Ascension is about a shift into a higher vibration – the vibration of the 5th dimension. It’s not only a leap in consciousness, but also an evolutionary leap. Up until now, a shift like this could only be made by leaving the physical body behind through the transition of death, but we are being given the opportunity to take this vibrational leap while still in our physical bodies. We no longer have to transition through physical death to take this leap, but not everyone will feel able to take it. We all have the choice whether to do it this way or go through the usual process of death and rebirth, through reincarnation. Many will not be ready to make this shift in vibration at this time, because their current vibration is not yet high enough to take advantage of this opportunity. Theirs will be a longer process than those of us who feel ready to ascend now.

Although I have seen the amazingly beautiful Beings we will be once in 5D, I still wondered how this transformation will come about – the nuts and bolts of it if you like – so I asked about this in meditation today. I was told that instead of physical carbon bodies, which is/was our vibration in 3D, our bodies will transform into a more ethereal and spiritual substance which is like a crystalline, liquid Light. We will –over time- transform our carbon bodies into this crystalline substance ourselves, with help from the higher dimensions and frequencies, by raising our vibration until we have reached the 5th dimensional frequency.

I was shown the Earth as an example, the way She is at the moment. Parts of Her were as before, looking exactly as we have always seen Her. Other parts of Her however, were so full of Light that She shone with amazingly beautiful rainbow colours. I was told that this is because She is transforming, as we are. Inside, She has been a 5th dimensional Being for a long time, but that this is only now starting to show on Her surface, as every part needs to be healed and cleansed in order to be Homo Luminous 2able to fully change vibration. I was told that our bodies are also going through this same transformation. First of all, we have (had) to heal and cleanse our emotional bodies, then our mental bodies, and many of us are now (or soon will be) in the process of healing and cleansing our physical bodies. Once we have completed this process, our bodies will gradually start to shine, and like the Earth, take on our 5D crystalline Light form.

This process will be supported and sped up by the high vibrational energies which we are now living in and which are gradually, but constantly being increased. Because of these energies and through our own willingness to adjust to and use them to bring about this transformation in ourselves, we are moving/shifting ourselves out of the density of our 3D carbon-based bodies. Right now, our bodies still need food and water, but once in our crystalline Light bodies, the Light alone will sustain us. An evolutionary leap like this can’t happen overnight however, as our bodies would not be able to withstand the change in vibration. If it happened too fast, the shift in vibration would not serve the purpose of ascension. It would be like physical death, when the spirit/soul leaves the body behind and transitions into a higher vibration quickly.

Many of us have already started the transformation where food is concerned. Eventually, we will be able to live on water and sunshine, before our bodies transform fully into crystalline Light form. Only through our own willingness to adjust and work with the high vibrational frequencies will we be able to speed up the process.

Light Body Activation

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