The Manuscript of Survival – Part 249

As you have already ascertained, much is indeed starting to happen already, but it is doing so beneath the radar so to speak. Let us explain. As we have talked about in earlier missives, mankind have a habit of conjuring up images in the mind as to how and what this change will be all about. Well, as many have gathered already, this change will in many ways fall short of that. In other words, the expected cataclysms or outward show of a deep and profound change at the onset of the last month of December have been impossible to detect, and rightly so. For what has transpired, is something very different indeed. You have all been through a monumental and all-encompassing change these last few weeks, and this does not only apply to you. It applies to the whole human race. But this change is so profound and touches you all so deeply, it has in fact occured in a place many have had no access to. In other words, it has happened deep within your core, and for so many of your fellow men, that is a place whithin themselves they do not even know exists. But it does, and when that change occured, it signalled the end of one era, and the beginning of a new.

For the change we talk about, this ”invisible tsunami” we have referred to in an earlier missive, is a change so profound it will indeed change the whole course of humanity. For what happened during those auspicious days of December 2012 was nothing short of a life altering change within, where the core in every human being was touched by that divine light coming in, and by that, was ignited in a way that will never be extinguished again. And this flame will grow in strength, and it in turn will affect the whole of your being in a way that will ensure that this world of yours will never be the same again. For love came in and washed away the dirt that hid this little gem you all carry inside, and when it did that, it ensured that this hidden gem will start to glow and be detected by you all. Some will choose to ignore it, and carry on in the same manner as before. But for most, this inner glow has already started to have an effect. For you will start to see yourselves, and indeed the whole world around you, in a very different light indeed. And with this knowledge comes power, the power to be the change you so desperately need.

So take this as a confirmation that you have all moved forwards a considerable way already, and even if by outward appearances, nothing has changed, the truth is that nothing will ever be the same again. For the ember you have all carried within from the beginning of time has now caught fire, and this fire will burn away any doubt you might have as to how powerful you really are. For you carry the power of love within, and now, that is what will determine the course of mankind, not that old and outdated system of fear that used to hold you back. So celebrate yourselves again dear ones, as you have all become true carriers of light, and by that, we mean that it is not just a few brave souls like yourselves who have held the flame aloft that will carry the responsibility for the future of this planet. For you have indeed been joined by millions of your fellow men. And while you will still be the leaders and show others the way ahead, know that whenever you will look over your shoulder, you will see a multitude of likeminded souls starting to follow in your wake, and help to push the changes you so desperately want to come about.


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