Genii Townsend: December 21 and 22 Cities of Light Update

December 25, 2012 By

Genii Townsend: December 21 and 22 Cities of Light Update

Note from Wes: I’m having so much trouble trying to take a break! There is so much to write about; so many wonderful experiences being reported such as this one and I can feel our Galactic and Angelic brethren just brimming to give a good, long message through me. I know and can feel that I must rest up for now but with stories like the one you’re about to read from Genii, all I want to do is work work work away! These ascension energies are truly kicked-up… :)

Stephen Cook: As most of you know, Genii Townsend is the author of the books City of Light Sedona and Somethings Coming: Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing and is Co-Founder of The Light Center in Sedona. She also spoke at the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Preparing for Ascension. She has just sent this update through of her own December 21 experience.

By Genii Townsend – December 22, 2012

Every once in awhile God drops an unexpected gift in my lap. This day was one of those.

It started out fairly normal (whatever that means here in Sedona, Arizona)! Christmas shopping to be finished, my friend and publisher Charles and I headed to (the nearby town of) Cottonwood to do just that, and have some dinner as well.

The new chicken place had just opened so we stopped and the rest of this story took place. As Charles was ordering at the counter I heard Christmas carols being played in the background.

Something touched my heart as I listened quietly with closed eyes.

Suddenly a very clear vision appeared. (Now anyone who knows me knows that my path contains the Cities of Light).

Symbolically, what the vision showed me was: on the right side of the vision was the City sparkling in white; and me on the left side.

In the center, stood the Christ in full light holding out his arms and hands one pointing to the City and one hand held out to me as he looked at me to take it.

I literally came un-glued emotionally and tears flowed all evening and even now as I write this report. I could not even tell Charles what was taking place as I just was mesmerized in the feeling of what the vision had shown me was taking place, until we got home and I could speak rationally again.

Symbolically, the right side of me equals our 3/D world and the left side equals spirit and the feminine, with the connecting point of this vision, being the Christ and the City of Light equaling the prophesied second coming.

His smile as he reached to take my hand, I knew the City of Light was about to be seen physically as all the pieces matched. It was indeed a signal of progress.

This morning – Saturday. December 22, 2012 – I was awaken at about 5 am.

The sky was still dark except for, just behind the red rocks I see from my bedroom window, there was a huge white filled-in arch, which was not a cloud and too early for the sun as, it does not rise in this location until later in the morning. Oh my what is this now? I thought…

This morning, when I was able to meditation I asked….this is what I was told…

“The vision you had equals the meaning you interpreted. The City of Light is due and all will be amassed. Take this time to indulge into the mystery of what took place and honor the holy presence as fact not fiction. The halo of light you saw this morning is another indication of what is about to appear.

Just be open and permit the Christ fill your heart, mind, emotions and spirit for, the truth will soon be revealed. So love it be for everyone.”

Hugs from


Merry Christmas..

So, that is my story to this point. Did something take place yesterday? It did here to me and that is important since the first City of Light is due to birth in this holy location as God decides the timing.

Merry Christmas with a very bright New Year about to begin. .and may it bring all the blessings you deserve.

Hugs from Genii and the first City of Light.. .Sedona.


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