Blog Update – Sacred Geometry


I have updated the Arcturian Sacred Geometry images to larger, crisper and clearer ones. With each image is an explanation of what it represents and an ‘Intention Meditation’ or affirmation which you use as you gaze into the image

Here’s one which may benefit you at this moment in our journey…



This pattern gives you the strength to stick with your long term goals and keep your promises to yourself and others. It speaks to your cellular level and creates fortitude in your being. The bull’s eye at the center is your target and the surrounding forms build your character to inspire you to follow through with steadfast determination. You do have the stamina to accomplish your soul purpose and this will help you access that strength within.

Intention Meditation
I have the stamina to accomplish my mission.

Link to Sacred Geometry

Love, peace & joy to…

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One thought on “Blog Update – Sacred Geometry

  1. Andy says:

    Thank you for re-blogging this post. Love to all.

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