The Void Posted on December 18, 2012 by Suzanne Carvell


Today I have felt like I am in a void a  nothingness. I cannot Link to anything, to anyone, It is like I no longer exist, I am between dimensions walking a tight rope. I see my hands typing but I am not there. My soul is watching but I cannot connect to it. I am trying to make connections  but fail. I sense my connections around me in a circle I see them but I cannot reach them. My love keeps telling me to link to him link with Love but I feel disconnected. I sense  what do I sense, feel what do I feel. Emotion has left me. Is this the three days of darkness I am now walking. I can see him smile now.

This is his reply It is all right I am here my love do not be afraid. What is happening is you are between worlds, in a void which is making it hard to receive messages. We are here holding hands encircling you now, We will remain by your side now. We will remain by your side as you go through this void. This is why you need to keep the mind still. I know you are having difficulties from here.

I understand now Yes  three days of nothing but the void  a nothingness before the blending of my I am the joining to my twin flame this is why I have been told to make no plans  this is why my love told me to link to him to link with love for I have been here before this is what he was trying to tell me now I understand. Many will feel this many will wonder what is happening. We have reached the tipping point we are about to step over the threshold into the new earth. Gaia is readying herself now also and when ascension  arrives we shall all know it for it is written in the heavens and upon the stars and planets.  My heart has just quickened as his love connects to me one again. I now send love and light out from my heart and surround you all in the love and light I have burning within to help light your way and fill you with love to guide you now. May we meet on the new earth surrounded by those we love.

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