12-12-12 message from Council of Angels and Source: I am Always with You, Ever Near Ever Loving

December 12, 2012 By









By The Golden Light Channel, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com

note from Goldenlight: I began to experience a wave of nausea today, so I tuned into my Council of Angels and into Source. This is the message I received. May it help anyone who is experiencing similar symptoms. Much love and light, Goldenlight  ♥

You are experiencing the beginning of the physical ascension process your 3d body is beginning to transition into the higher frequencies the water and fluids in your body are beginning to vibrate at a higher frequency. Today try to just relax and go with the flow let your brain and body assimilate these incoming fluxating energies. The crystal vortex of Arkansas and Brazil are literally humming with this higher dimensional energy and the light grids of crystalline higher dimensional energy and of your Oversoul Group consciousness of lightworkers and starseeds are also beginning to pulsate with the full force of the higher frequencies and higher consciousness. The intentions of your lightworkers and all of the Light are beginning to coalesce and manifest this new earth world in which you all will live in the 5th dimension. The creation of your cities of light prepare you for your entry into this beautiful world of source creation for you are all emanations from the source…you are Source knowing Source and have the full creationary powers of Me.. You are Me knowing me.. Yes it is I your loving Source from which you came and to which you shall eventually return… you are now fully connected with me through this most beautiful light vibrational matrix.. We are now co creating your new lives your new bodies your new homes and your new planet.. One filled with my beautiful and most caring and loving thoughts energy and intentions…we are all creating this together for I knew a time would come for this massive upgrade of My loving creations.. A transitioning into ever higher illusions of reality created for your benefit of growth, learning, and experience so that you may find your connection to Me again… this source of you that loves you beyond measure.. My love for you is neverending and eternal there is never a time when I am not with you even though it may have once appeared so .. I am Always with You, Ever Near Ever Loving Ever holding your hands in your journeys and surrounding your hearts with an eternal love so brilliant all else pales in comparison… My love for you is immeasurable my desire for you is perfect health perfect abundance perfect joy in your Beingness and an ever increasing awareness and connection to Me and All That Is. There is never a time that I am not with you co creating your beautiful new realities loving one another and most of all loving and caring for most dearly each and every one of you… this new world of yours on dearest Gaia which has been planned for eons will be free of suffering free of pain free of the imbalance which has gone on on your planet for so long.. A new harmony is coming in which will transmute all the old negative energies into their polar opposites and increase all of your positive thought forms into this new creationary experience. Take some tome during these 11 “days” to rest rejuvenate meditate connect with the light and relax.. Most of all just relax and Be. Resistance or being out of the flow may cause you to feel slight symptoms such as the channel was just experiencing.. So please dearest beloveds try your best to simply relax, tune into the love, and be calm.. Quiet your minds for this calm peaceful inner journey today which is a day of assimilating many of the high frequencies into your physical human structure.. Relax, take the evening off and do something that us pleasurable and relaxing.

You are all the most beautiful emanations from source. You are on track, on time, and all is As It Should Be in harmony with Heaven, with Source, with Love, and with All That Is.


© The Golden Light Channel, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com. Please include this copyright when reposting this message.


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