Assimilating your physical bodies with the Higher Dimensional Frequencies ~ Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael


By The Golden Light Channel,

Good evening, we are Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

We wish to speak to you this evening of the process of assimilating your physical bodies with the higher dimensional vibrational frequencies which are accelerating in vibration upon, within, and around your planet at this time. You see everything is beginning to vibrate into One harmonic vibrational Whole, including the higher dimensional energies and all beings within and on your planet. The vibrational and energetic frequencies of your bodies are accelerating to match the vibrational frequencies of the higher dimensional energies now pervading your world. It is your AWARENESS, then which will assist greatly in this process; your awareness and intention facilitates this integration greatly. During these times leading up to the locking in of the higher dimensional frequencies into mother earth’s crystalline grid, this is an excellent time to practice your awareness of the harmonizing of your bodies with these vibrational frequencies. This, then, is part of the ascension process which you are experiencing. We might add that this is the first time human beings of earth have ascended in their physical bodies into a higher dimension. You are all on the cutting edge of this most grand and loving galactic experience. You are each an integral and most important part of this experience. The entire universe indeed is being upgraded, and your planet, sequestered for many eons, is now coming back into the “galactic fold” so to speak, so that you may be an active participant in the goings on of the many universes.

As your awareness of being loving emanations from the source increases, your connection with your Higher Self develops and grows and the interconnectedness of your higher selves forms into a universal light grid of a group higher consciousness. The grounding of the higher dimensional energies is occurring within dear gaia’s body, and there exists an interchange of love, light and higher dimensional energies circulating energizing and “enlightening” all aspects of the components involved.

The higher dimensional energies and frequencies of Love and Light, which emanate from the Source, are now being circulated in the following way to connect you and your earth permanently into a beautiful circulating wave of higher frequencies.

It starts with Source, then moves through these pathways, finally being grounded into mother earth within her crystalline body, then continues the circulating wave back up through our “physical” bodies up to our higher selves, the higher dimensional group consciousness, through the higher dimensions including the angelic realm, and back to source.

Loving energy from SOURCE >> Higher dimensions >> Higher dimensional Group Consciousness >> Higher Self >> Physical Body >> Mother Earth/Gaia’s body >> energy then travels from Gaia back up through our physical bodies  >> our higher selves >> our higher dimensional group consciousness >> the higher dimensions >> and back to SOURCE.

This is a circulating, self-contained, self-regulating energetic higher frequency stream of higher vibrational love and light which brings in love and energy into your beings, your planet, and your world, and circulates continuously with the Source energy in this beautiful “loop” or “circle”.

The is a most loving and energetic way of Source knowing Itself and loving all of its creations and emanations…..a beautiful circular wave-like vibrational frequency of the Love and Light of this Source energy nurturing, nourishing, loving and energizing. All emanations from Source are created in love and light and all are now being “reconnected” in to this loving circular energy. The mass consciousness of humanity on the earth previously was somewhat disconnected from this beautiful loving circulating higher dimensional frequency, but all of that has changed with the influx and grounding of these higher dimensional energies.

Meditating upon, and visualizing, this beautiful golden loving light circulating from source, with our human “physical” bodies being a part of this  system, will assist you all in harmonizing with these frequencies on a physical level. This higher dimensional Source energy is so loving, beautiful, and light….it brings with it a higher consciousness experience which you as human beings were previously unfamiliar with……you are also entering what is known as the “Crystalline” age….the crystalline energy is a higher vibrational energy….your bodies, then, just as mother earth’s body, is transforming gradually into one of crystalline frequency so as to hold and sustain these higher vibrations….the higher dimensional Source energies of love and light are the energies that sustain, nurture and energize these higher frequency bodies into which you are all transforming. So meditating upon these energies, and increasing your Awareness of being a “link” in the circulating energetic “chain” of higher dimensional frequencies emanating from the source and back to the source, is the method and technique for assisting your physical bodies in this lovingly transformative process.

You may wish to take a moment now to tune into this beautiful energetic vision which we are bringing into the awareness of the channel; you can tune into this image as well, at this time or any other time…this will assist you in your overall integration and awareness of this circular energetic and high frequency pathway of which you are now a part.

All begins with awareness and loving intent, and we impress upon you with great love the importance of daily meditations and visualizations into connecting into All That Is…visualizing your Part in this circulating energy of love and light….and allowing these higher dimensional energies to integrate and harmonize with your “physical” beings which are beginning to merge with your higher dimensional holographic light bodies; a synchronizing and “merging” of the two holographic realities into a new light-filled higher dimensional crystalline energetic form, which is awakening and being birthed by your intentional awareness of your connection to source and All That Is.

We leave you with this beautiful vision of your loving part in this circulating energy from Source, which lovingly embraces you and assists you in the integration of all Aspects of your Selves with this higher vibrational Source energy.

With soft love and light until next time. We Are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

©2012 The Golden Light Channel. All rights reserved.  Please quote original source as, include this credit, do not alter it in any way, and provide the channel credit and link to at the top of the post.


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