Basking in the Energy of the Now

For so long now, I have felt as though there was nothing for me to say. I have been living day-to-day flowing with this new energy and paying attention to what I was co-creating within my immediate surroundings.This past week, however, I have been especially noticing this new feeling of my High Heart Chakra opening up and just basking in the energy that seems to linger on more and more through each day.

This morning, I awoke from a dream which SOOO resonated with Lisa Gawlas’ new post,  Diving Deep in the Sea of Energy: Active Participation Required! I felt I had to share this dream while it was so vivid in my memory.

I was working alongside this man I didn’t recognize as someone being in my life now. We were knelt down next to what I can only describe as a huge round cake pan. I had the feeling we were working on some sort of solar panel or energy collector, only that it was not really like a 3D solar panel we have now. Inside the “cake pan” was a shimmering silver liquid which became solid only where we touched it.

I remember our conversation as we worked; I was explaining to him Jesus’ teaching how “Ye are Children of God, therefore, ye are gods” and that we were now co-creating with our God-Source. It was as if I was his mentor on the Ladder of Ascension. Which brought me to the understanding how we as Wayshowers are working with and mentoring those behind us who may be just now awakening to this process,  even though they may be halfway around the world. As we join our Energies in Universal Consciousness, each one of us is contributing to the All of Humanity one Soul at a time. And then they help the Soul behind them, and so on, and so on, til All Humanity Ascends into One Consciousness as a Universal Being.

As I was coming out of my dream state, I remember I was automatically stating my Affirmations for the morning – didn’t have to consciously think about doing them. That’s pretty awesome for me! I’m still learning as I go along.

That’s it for now. lOVE to All in Unity Consciousness and Beyond.



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