I AM SOOO ready for this. I might be outside with my horse getting her feet trimmed…don’t know when the farrier’s coming out. But these shifts and bursts of energy are felt wherever I AM and whatever I’m doing at the time.I’ve been seeing so many of 11’11, 1″11, 12″12, 10″10, etc. lately. The numbers are telling me we are THIS close. HANG ON! We’re in for the ride of our lifetime!

aisha north

The date today is an important one to many, as it is singified by a sequence of numbers that will trigger another sequence of numbers. Let us explain. Today’s date is 11.11, and when you also pass the time on your clock that reads 11:11, you will all be set to ”GO”. Let us explain. As you might be aware of, the codes that lie embedded in the energy that is carried into your body by those signals being sent from other shores than yours, are carefully set up in order to have the maximum effect. Therefore, some will start to do their work immediately, while others have been timed to be set off at a specific moment. And some of these have been set to be simultaneously triggered in order to create a magnfied effect.

You see, these simultaneous triggers make sure that the combined effetc of the energies…

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