Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I’ve been feeling like “change” is the topic to consider NOW, because with barely seven—no six (six? SIX! OMG How can that be possible??!!) weeks until that fateful day—December 21st—we had better understand that “change is gonna come” and LIKE it!

Yes, there are those who are scoffing at this transformation; the end of days and new beginnings—our prophesied Golden Age—but scoff as they might, it’s coming and it will be felt. It will not creep in “on little cat feet” like Carl Sandburg’s fog. It’s gonna be in our face, fast and furious, undeniable, and it will vindicate all the “conspiracy theorists”. It will be chaos.

We’ve been sitting in our colourful little roller coaster cars on the platform for a very long time, scanning the sky for space ships, commiserating amongst ourselves about the delays, how we can’t wait to get going, how wonderful it will be…but how…

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