I am Arachanaï

Amazing stuff is still happening, this is just so COOL!!! 😀

Check out this meditation we did (Tauno and me)

I first saw an eye , then the eye was placed in a circle plate. On top of the circle plate, there was a landscape developing, pine forest, mountains with snow tops. On the bottom appeared pyramids and they became crystal. Then the plate became Gaia, like it was enveloping the landscape inside of her (Inner-Earth?). I am like floating in space and saw a million ships beaming light to Gaia.

I am on the ocean, beach and I look @ the sun. It expands and comes closer I see Tauno and me inside the sun. We were laughing and having fun and showing things to each other. We were on 5D earth. Then the light engulfed my whole body and I felt the portal opening inside of me. Through…

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