COBRA on the Day of Decision, The Master Plan, and Drake OCTOBER 26, 2012 BY THEGLDNRULE

COBRA October 14, 2012 TRANSCRIPT

If you haven’t read them, the interview was centered mainly around these two posts:

The Master Plan

Day of Decision

On October 14, 2012 I took some time to catch up with COBRA, author of 2012 Portal a self described intelligence hub for what COBRA calls “the victory of the light.”  Since early 2012 COBRA has released periodic posts about 2012 and the coming paradigm shift among other “intelligence leaks.”   He maintains that his sources are a group of benevolent Extraterrestrial beings who have contacted a group of physical humans called the Resistance Movement.  These entities, he says, are working with humanity to help liberate planet earth from the grip of tyranny.

Like all information circulating the internet and especially anything related to a “2012″ blog there are a lot of doubts and confusion about what’s true and what isn’t.  Because of this attitude of uncertainty many millions of people opt to give up ever trying to seek truth or become so overwhelmed by the complexity of it they just move on to other things.  My theory is we should all be listening closely to everyone and everything and decide for ourselves, so hopefully many of you will find value in these words spoken.  If you aren’t familiar with 2012 Portal or COBRA see“What is COBRA” or perhaps my first interview with him on Gold, the Cabal and more.

Admittedly there has been a lot of infighting among those I believe to be “of the light,”  so for those of us holding positive intent with a knowing of what’s coming  it has been a frustrating and gut-wrenching year.   COBRA’s posts have always resonated with me since I discovered 2012 Portal in March despite the fact that he remains guarded about his identity and many of his sources.

Much of our discussion focused on the day of decision, October 21, 2012 which COBRA says began the second “window of opportunity” where every human being’s free will and decision can create enough positive intent to manifest The Event.   You will notice this interview took place October 14th, well before the Day of Decision and I am releasing it well after.  This is for two main reasons which are that reality was manifesting for me personally in such a way that A) I could not release it in time and B) I was actually faced with real decisions pertaining to my sovereignty on the 21st of October and wanted to integrate the light (understanding) before writing the below.

Now, what decision is that exactly?  Depends on who you ask!  COBRA doesn’t say precisely, and I won’t bore you with my personal problems…but I understood what was being stated – each of us no matter what the circumstance have to make a decision.  Do we submit to tyranny or do we declare our sovereignty in the face of it?  In truth this may be the only question we came here (earth) to answer.

 We’ve Had Enough

Personally, I have had a challenging 2012 full of opportunities to bring light to earth.  I can’t speak to COBRA’s authenticity as an “insider” or any of his intelligence about the Collateral Accounts, but I do know that circumstances in my life currently are saying “What are you going to do about it?”  As sovereign beings we are born into a system whereby our Soul is assigned monetary value, and that value is traded as collateral across international waters.  If that ain’t enough for the average person to handle you then find out there are forces beyond this earth influencing our free will?

Well damn.

Daniel Holeman’s depiction of Earth’s Ascension

This brings me to the next subject which was the esoteric nature of our fight for freedom and how there are forces beyond our physical existence influencing and manipulating our efforts.  This falls into the realm of “reptilians” or “Astral beings” who perpetrate negativity, conflict and human angst.  Call it the Devil, if ya like. 

My takeaway – if there’s one thing our creator gave us that can’t be taken away, it’s our free will.  This is the very reason the “New World Order” has manifested a system that works extremely hard convincing us that it can.

To conclude COBRA also talked a little bit about his conferences.  He describes them as “energetic” events, transformational even for the people who attend.  COBRA says these events contribute greatly to the critical mass of surface humanity and ultimately the liberation of planet earth.

Unfortunately the conference near me was cancelled but would love to hear from anyone who does go and cares to share their experience.

To listen to his interviews with Cobra, please click on his link above. Very interesting to hear Cobra’s response to Drake’s dismissal of him as a valid source of information. 


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