Thank you Hilarion…I AM beginning to see the effects I have on my friends and especially in family visits, where discourses of contention are becoming minimal. Realize and step into YOUR TRUE POWER…THE TIME IS NOW!

Lucas 2012 Infos

Beloved Ones,

As the Cosmic energies increase in intensity once again, the Lightworkers of the World find themselves stepping up to the ladder to move to the next level of the Ascension process. You are still going against the current of prevailing thought patterns that are being broadcast throughout the atmosphere of the Planet and so, as the forerunners, you experience these energies as difficult. Remember to take time to be out in nature and connect often to the core of the Earth to remain grounded. Drink plenty of pure water to help the process of assimilation of the higher energies into every cell of your human and multi-dimensional operating system.

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