The New Divine Humanity

The Unwinding of The Old DNA Program.

The Transformation that you are Experiencing is taking place within you as you move from Being in your Mind to Being in Your Heart. The Transformation is  occurring at your Cellular Consciousness and DNA level.

The Way of Being and existing in your Mind was a Program in your DNA.

The New Program exists in the Pure  Being of  Heart Awareness. Unconditional Love.

This is the New program being uploaded  to your DNA through Frequency Transmissions.

You have Never Been alone, it has only felt that way through the Frequency you experienced yourself in Consciously.

Union Frequency is Source Frequency.

The Cosmic Codes are Frequencies that are released and  Transmitted from the Central Sun through the Queen of Light. 

 These Frequency Transmissions Shift your DNA and Cellular Consciousness to Union, to Source.

You are Source. You are a Unique Individuation of Source Frequency.

As you are Unwinding your Old…

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