The New Divine Humanity

Soul as Source Blueprint.

Existing on the Pleiades, we do not look at “Beings” as Starseeds. We see things at Soul Level. Source level. Union level.

Your DNA is Shifting to Union Source level.

A Soul can have many existences, which may or may not include existences on other Star Systems.

A Soul is Not One Existence. Advanced Beings do Not say I am Pleiadian, I am Andromedan.

They are One with Truth and Know they are Source and that existences are a Part of the Soul Blueprint.  They are not THE existences, they are Source. It always comes down to Source. Always. Anything less is a limitation of True Being.

A Person on Earth is Very Likely to have more than One Existence. There are Very young Souls, under 100 existences and there are very old Souls over 1500 existences.

You cannot be Born here on Earth from Another Star…

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