The Arcturian Group Oct 21, 2012

This is a time of much change for many.  Do not fear dear ones, for the changes are for the Light to more fully manifest in the world.  All is proceeding according to plan and you will soon be well aware of it.  Many are asking; “Where is this, where is that?”  Be patient dear ones, for the building of low level third dimensional  chaos within unenlightened energy took eons to create.  This cannot be dismantled in a moment even though it is not real but simply  the manifestation of false beliefs and concepts.
You can understand  from this what powerful beings you really are, that mankind’s false beliefs could form  the illusory world  you have come to know and experience lifetime after lifetime.  You  have come to accept a world filled with the ups and downs  taken for granted as being reality, as being the way life is.  Truth knows no ups and downs, but is ever pure Light and Love, always present, for it is all there is.  Divinity  is your inheritance as sons and daughters of the Divine.  It is the substance and the form of all that is real and you are beginning to become aware of that.  Every step you have taken and still take in your search for truth brings you closer to understanding how it all works, and gently guides you out of  believing the activities of sprit  to be  “woo woo stuff” as many term it, and into the realm of reality .  The “woo woo” world  is really the third dimensional one–illusory interpretations of reality formed from the ignorance of mankind over hundreds of lifetimes.
The lesson for today’s message is Light–a deeper understanding of what is meant by the word Light which is in its purest form, Divine Consciousness. The Arcturian Group comes to teach, not to predict or comment so much on world events.
Energy vibration becomes slow, heavy, and dark  when cluttered with the unawareness and unevolved beliefs of duality and separation.  Most of you at one time or another have all experienced entering into a place where you felt a heaviness that was uncomfortable making you want to leave.  Many bars carry this energy.  This is the experience of being in  lower resonating  energy.  Many of today’s highly evolved children rebel at entering certain places causing their parents much confusion.  It is because they are more sensitive to energy, and can feel the heaviness or chaos of certain environments.  As an individual evolves, becoming more aware of truth and eliminating of the false, his energy field  is  able to manifest its already present light, Divine consciousness– enlightenment.  An individual’s energy field becomes brighter and lighter as he embraces within his consciousness truth, and releases what is old and finished.  Actually Light is all there is, but  this ever present reality became shadowed  and  unseen by most, when the belief in two powers was accepted.
When spiritual teachers say to hold the light, this is a directive  to see (acknowledge) the light within your heart center from your highest sense of understood truth.  Image  bright white/gold sparkling particles of light and flow them out  through your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies with the intention that It clear everything unlike Itself.  You see,  the Light is the manifested form of  Reality. Human eyes could not tolerate the actual Light of the Divine so bright it is, thus  spiritual students become aware of and experience Divine Light through gradual and unfolding awareness.
When, in your quiet time you are guided to send  light to someone, you never need to nor should you,  put directives on it because the Light knows what the person needs and is the substance of it.  If  you should see light in your meditation, you are accessing the higher frequencies.
Light is never to be used as some magic wand, for this idea was and still is,  the downfall of many who learn the secrets of energy, but are not spiritually evolved enough to use the knowledge unselfishly.    Your awakening is bringing to you the awareness of an already present Divine energy appearing as Light.  This Light is to be acknowledged, respected, lovingly seen in others, flowed to the world without directive, and embraced as God–the all powerful I AM presense within, never to be misused.
You see Divine Light has never left, man simply descended to an  unawareness of it.  That is why when Higher dimensional Beings appear to individuals, they appear as light.  Illumination is the substance of the halos pictured around  saints and “holy” individuals.  The Light  seen around the great master Jesus  simply reflects the purity of his state of consciousness. The more empty of false concepts and beliefs of duality and separation, the  more already present light is able to manifest. Plants, animals and all living things hold the Light of the Divine, for it is all there is.
Those who see auras will tell you that they see many different colors  based upon the state of consciousness of the individual.  The pure white light of Source contains all colors reflecting facets of Itself. This pure light appears in auras as different and ever changing combinations of color depending upon an individual’s personal energetic status at the time.  You will be seeing many colors you are not yet aware of as the energy frequencies of earth rise into the higher dimensional status.
Be the Light, send the Light, love the Light, acknowledge the Light–for you are the Light.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                      10/21/2012

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