Jesus through John

The rapidity with which essential changes are now occurring on Earth is truly amazing.  Humanity is on a roll as the divine Love field penetrates and permeates the consciousness of every sentient being on the planet.  This has always been your Father’s intent, but first it was necessary for you, of your own free wills, to allow it to happen.  Love is invincible, inevitable, irresistible, and all will succumb to the wonder of Its divine beauty and perfection.  Fear, hatred, betrayal, and violent confrontation offer it absolutely no competition, except momentarily in your nightmares.  And, of course, you are soon to awaken into the infinite joy and oneness of immersion in Its ever-present embrace.  That is all that awaits you.  It is the provider of everything that your hearts could ever desire; nothing else is conceivable, necessary, or possible; your utter satisfaction is guaranteed.

Love, to use yet another analogy…

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