In my world, Peace and Love for all Humanity is the new normal.
In my world, people are free to use their unique talents to contribute to make their communities better.
In my world, Abundance and Prosperity is available for All…there is no more hunger or fear from prosecution…no need to steal from others.
In my world, free technology is available for All…clean energy, new healing devices…no need for sickness and death.
In my world, we are All connected with Gaia, with her elementals, with her animals…there is no more abuse of nature, no more abuse of our beautiful pets who came here to live with us, no need to hunt for the sake of a trophy or a skin…we live together in harmony with nature.
Come and join me in my world…together we can make a difference.

Real Rest is the Best

I agree with the inspirational and practical message that it is possible to live in a world without money without fear when “we all can work together for the benefit of humankind (and the environment) without the need for money and the slavery it creates”. While many people are still conditioned by the modern society and governments to think money is indispensable for living or making a living, more and more people can awake to the fact that we have the power to co-create a new or different kind of world in which we do things for ourselves and others out of love and compassion within us. The Zeitgeist Movement orientation presentation video also gave some examples of people who did great service to humankind without seeking monetary rewards, including the Wright brothers and Albert Einstein, and the rest of us can too be our own shining lights. It all…

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