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  • Presently, several areas of activity are being brought to completion, forming the foundation of your new reality.
  • Our sacred allies are uniting the ancient foundations of many tribal nations with that of the old monarchies of Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.
  • What are required are documents that honor common law concepts while forging a new and unique form of global governance.
  • Our sacred associates understand that what they are doing is producing a legal fusion of the elements that form the essential ‘scaffolding’ of modern nation-states, whilst also bringing up-to-date the legitimacy of present global tribal governance.
  • Your world is moving swiftly through a series of inevitable, Heaven-decreed events which will disassemble the evil that this global cabal has put in place over the last few centuries.
  • What our sacred allies are doing is thus much more than merely replacing an illegally appointed series of governments. They are…

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