Saul mentions the life review upon death…so many NDEs have also verified that. Since we are no longer scheduled for death in this Ascension, we have been going through our personal life reviews for quite some time now. This is to facilitate the cleansing of our Karma prior to Ascension. We have been told forgiveness is the key. Every time a thought from an experience in our past comes in our mind, if it was not a particularly pleasant experience, we need to address straight on. Forgive the other person for any wrongs done unto you, and forgive yourself for any wrongs you may have done to that person. Also, to forgive yourself for perhaps allowing yourself to be put in that possibly negative situation. Once you have forgiven all parties involved, then just let it go.
My life review has been going on for quite some time now…there’s no more to forgive in my opinion. However, every once in awhile, something will pop up in my mind that I hadn’t thought about for years, and I’m thinking “here we go again”. Lol. Mostly now though, what comes up are the good memories, ones that make me laugh and have fun remembering. Life wasn’t ALL bad after all.

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The divine schedule for humanity’s awakening was established the instant your apparent separation from Reality occurred.  Your Father could not let you delve into the mysteries of the unreality that you had invented, and presented as real to your collective mind, without ensuring that you could never get permanently lost there.  The Light of His Love was securely installed in each individual who chose to go with the collective into the illusion, and the timescale for your return was laid down, but with an enormous degree of flexibility built in to allow for any diversions or distractions which you might choose to engage with as you journeyed along your homeward path.

Over the eons of illusory time and place, you have all without exception endured much personal suffering and needless to say, you have also imposed much suffering on others.  It was illusory, it was self-inflicted, and it never happened…

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