This is a good reminder for us. We are so close to our destination. Let’s keep our focus on our mission, not dwell on the negative that surrounds us, and hold our visions of our New Gaia, wrapped in all her splendor.
The first several days of this week, I have felt like I was floating through the days. I would find myself pacing around the house aimlessly, as if I were expecting someone or something. It was like when I’m being picked up to go somewhere and I’m ready 15 minutes early, and all I have to do is wait for that person to show up. We are THAT CLOSE!

One World Rising

I picture the masses trudging up the hill with the brilliant light glowing just ahead and there is much laughter in the air. We are so very, very close now, there are no longer even any corners to go around, it is a straight shot from here on out! We don’t even realize all we have accomplished to date or how much chaos has been averted because the light has become so strong here in 3D now. It is important for us to stay alert though and keep holding ONLY the positive in mind. No talking about what a jerk Obama or Romney are,  what bad things they have done, or where or why they have failed. To do so re-enforces their bad behavior and we have seen enough of that. Let us envision a new and awake Government that is run with compassion and caring for all, with…

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