The Awakening is Now!

I awoke this morning shortly before 3 am with a knowing that I had been allowed to go home, if only briefly.

My first thought upon awakening was “I reunited with my best friend”, as shown in the above photo. I had been taken to Arturus. I remember a lovely dense forest, and while I was standing there looking around, this beautiful, majestic black horse came pounding through, and stopped right in front of me. It was as if he could feel my presence as I didn’t have to call out to him. He reached out and nuzzled me, glad to see me if only for a brief moment. So much Love passed between us without speaking, only the comfort of knowing we’ll be together again.

My name is Lisha. I’m a Starseed from Arcturus. In this incarnation I’m known as Libbie with a passion for horses. I came here for the same reason all of you did, to help Gaia in her Ascension. I LOVE Gaia, I was considering staying with her, helping in her growth and re-development. I still might, if my best friend can be by my side too. I miss him so much.

These photos are the best I could find to describe him. They fall short of showing his true majesty.

Till we meet again, my friend.



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