Raccoon, Power Animal, Symbol of Our Many Masks, Dexterity

This was the message I received this morning in my meditation:

The time is NOW for Lightworkers to UNITE. So much is happening in the world – behind the screens of MSM. Your daily routines will come to a halt. You will be called for your true mission.

Last night, as I was sitting at my computer for some last-minute perusing before bed, my dogs started barking at something outside the arcadia door. Now, I have never seen anything come into my yard except rabbits and birds. We do have lots of critters out here on the ranch, but they usually don’t come around the house. I got up to see what they were barking at, and staring back at me were two eyes behind a mask.WOW…up close and personal. I ran to turn on  the porch light – he was still there! He was fairly young, not full-grown. He crouched there and stared at me for a minute like he was telling me something, then decided to try to find a way back out of the yard away from the barking dogs.

This morning when I went outside, everything just felt so DIFFERENT; I could hear the whispers of Gaia to my soul through the crisp, cool air, the singing of the birds, the lowing of        the cows…just DIFFERENT. I looked up the raccoon’s animal spirit and this is what I found.

Raccoon’s Wisdom Includes understanding the nature of masks, disguise, dexterity, seeking guidance and confidence, questioning without fear, balancing curiosity, shape shifting, secrecy.

In some ways, the racoon is a clever scavenger. Their magic is their mask, though often the raccoon’s mask is linked with its ‘banditry’ – they have been known to open peoples house doors and bin lids to take food – the mask has a far deeper meaning. No one, including you and I, are ever quite what we may seem – even to ourselves, for in our lives we can experience the freedom of many identities. Be it with friends, partners, children, parents, work colleagues, strangers etc. This medicine helps us to take on and let go of the many roles we fill. Having various identities isn’t negative, for we can learn to become adept at changing identities when appropriate. Over time this becomes as easy as selecting and changing ones clothes. Your many faces are about to be revealed to you. The racoon will assist you how to mask, disguise and transform yourself. Masks are a powerful tool – through the use of masks, altered states can be reached. Racoon people generally do well in professions to do with theatre. 

Raccoons seem indifferent when caught ‘stealing’, although if provoked they can become ferocious. They are strong and muscular and can hold their own in nearly all situations, teaching us to do the same. 

If Raccoon is your power animal, eating mainly fruit and vegetables will be beneficial to your health. Raccoon will have a long influence on your life, staying with you for a long time. 

Racoons are for the main nocturnal animals, travelling in small groups of 1 or 2 families searching for fruits, vegetables, and small animals. Often they can be seen sloshing their hands and food in water before eating. The symbol of hands represent holding, receiving or giving. If raccoon comes to you may be being asked to let go of a situation, person, belief or habit. Reversely, the message may be for you to receive the gifts being offered to you by the Universe. 

They are excellent swimmers, though they prefer being up a tree – which is where they are often found. Up here they are aware of everything around them and see danger a long way off. Racoons are highly curious leaving no stone unturned. This has its up and down sides. Following ones curiosity can pave the way for new and exciting things. However curiosity without caution can pave the way to trouble.


Synchronicity – the timing of the racoon’s appearance at this time. I’m sure I’ll see him again.

Much Love, Light, Blessings and Peace to All



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