Oooh, My Aching Back!

I just read an update by Sheldon Nidle – NOW I understand. Yesterday morning, I woke up with muscle spasms in my lower back. I’d catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I’m bent over walking like an old lady (ok, leave my age outta this…lol). Hot showers, inversion table, nuthin’ works…STILL HURTS! Below is an excerpt from Sheldon Nidle’s update explaining what is going on here:

Dratzo! We return with more to discuss with you. At present, your ongoing body ascension programs are being temporarily suspended by divine decree, while a series of time collapse points goes into effect in the run-up to the end of your Gregorian year. These time-collapse points represent the juncture at which alternative timelines are integrated into your present ascending reality, because this is the sole reality which is to go forward into 2013. This collapse process can cause fluctuations in the Earth field, causing imbalances to your physical bodies. Furthermore, this process reduces the alternative scenarios that the dark cabal has available to it to try to circumvent the divine plan. These collapses are being implemented by the galactic Time Lords in order to prepare your realm to gracefully enter this single new reality. These collapses can create various physical side effects in many of you, which will include headaches, pains in your neck and spine, and assorted aches in the muscles of your legs and arms. These discomforts are only temporary, but Heaven wishes us to slow down our work on your bodies to compensate for the extra physical stress upon you during this time-collapse period.

Read more here:

So, how long will this time-collapse period last anyway? Is anyone else hurting like me?

It’s all good…not much farther along the road. Destiny awaits!



4 thoughts on “Oooh, My Aching Back!

  1. manfly says:

    Hi, you are not alone with all these aches n pains, it should be affecting every being/life form on mother earth, we are all evolving from two strand DNA to twelve strand, and become a Blue Star Nation on our New Blue Star, Earth is in the birthing process of this right Now, Embrace the changes, with an open & loving heart and you will continue on your journey as you set out to do when you incarnated here for these End Times. A New age is about to begin…
    Hope this was of some help to you.
    with kind regards… manfly
    love peace & harmony to All
    ‘see ya in the Future’ our new future.

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