Chemtrails and Geoengineering – Watch This Movie Trailer for “SHADE”

For years, I have seen these stripes in the sky. I tried to tell people what was going on…they only said “Nah, they’re just jetstreams”. Well, jetstreams usually dissipate.

For years, I have watched my good friends get sick and die off. While I’ve been taking my herbal supplements to stave off the toxins, they were relying on doctors and antibiotics and prescriptions of all types for whatever ailed them. No one would listen. Well, I’m still here.

When are the people going to wake up and take notice of what’s being done to them? When are they going to realize the Big Pharma regulated medical doctors are only in their profession for the money. When are they going to stop being glued to all the pomp and circumstance, the pandering gestures, the “likability” factor of our politicians? When are they going to wake up and realize they’ve been led like sheeple to the the slaughter?

I know we have reached beyond the critical mass awakening of the collective. It’s evident all around the world. But here in my neck of the woods, the only response I get is “Uh-huh, we’ll see”, or “I’ll believe it when I see it”, or get totally brushed off as “crazy”. 

I’m sorry if I’m now venting some frustration, but I think I speak for other Lightworkers who may be feeling the same way. I’m glad I have a support system of like-minded, awakened people I can always share with…but at home, we are usually alone with our own Consciousness, unable to share our personal journey with anyone except our Higher Selves, our Guides, our mentors, the Ascended Masters. They alone know of our personal difficulties and Love us Unconditionally…we make them proud of our service. All we can do is press on.


Much Love, Light, Peace and Blessings to all on our Ascended Path.


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