WAS THIS A TEST? ABC, KPHO, CBS, NBC Blacked Out During Primetime

Last night, I was kicking back watching The Voice with a million other people when suddenly the picture went black. It didn’t come back on, so I switched down to Ch. 10 (CBS) – it was dark too, as was Ch. 5 (KPHO) and Ch. 3 (ABC). All local channels were dark, so I checked the satellite channels – they were working. My first thought was “WAAA, can’t watch The Voice!” lol. then I started thinking – hmmm…

Was this a test?…local channels blacked out during primetime? Our Galactic Light Family have always said when they make the disclosure announcements, they would take over regular programming during primetime when everyone would be tuned in. Did this happen just in my area, or was this nationwide on all four of these stations?

Drake, Cobra, Ashtar, the Arcturians all spoke of an October Surprise – that’s only a month away. Don’t know if it will be beginning, middle, or end of the month, but SOMETHING EXCITING is going to happen. I feel the energy of it as I type. It can be overwhelming at times – exuberating! I feel like dancing in the streets!

 Something’s in the air; can you feel it? Prepare (y)ourselves for the RIDE OF A LIFETIME!



2 thoughts on “WAS THIS A TEST? ABC, KPHO, CBS, NBC Blacked Out During Primetime

  1. Love your upbeat attitude. Stay with it. The Voice is the only program I watch (because it’s about love and respect and service to others) and our satellite reception was fine, so it must have been a localized disruption.

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